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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mango Cashew Nut Bars

by Michelle Yulo

photo by Michelle Yulo

At the first taste of Mayla’s Mango Cashew Nut, one would be reminded of the Christmas fruitcake. This is exactly what Mayla’s creation hoped to achieve.

Mayla’s Mango Cashew Nut Bar is the product of her love for liquor-flavored cake and her dislike of glazed fruits and walnuts. To create the perfect cake, she gathered her choice of dried fruit (mango), nut (cashew) and liquor (cherry brandy, mind you) and came out with the Mango Cashew Nut bar. Surprisingly, many fellow foodies and bakers at the pastry exchange share the same sentiments over the fruitcake. In fact, we initially thought of naming Mayla’s creation as the “No-Fruit Fruitcake Bar” or the “All-Cake Fruitcake Bar.”

photo by Kit Langit

Many of you might think that baking the mango cashew nut bar or fruitcake may be too the elaborate or challenging especially for first time homemakers. Mayla couldn’t disagree more. She started experimenting with baking only sometime in October of last year. Having a mother who was an excellent cook inspired Mayla to her craft. In the past year, Mayla has baked chocolate cake, butterscotch, brownies, apple pie, sansrival, and chocolate chip cookies, plus of course, the Mango Cashew Nut bar, to the delight of her family and officemates.

Photo by Camille Bautista

I must say that, that Mayla’s Mango Cashew Nut is unbelievably moist, almost like the consistency of fudgy bars. Mayla shares her secret - she uses molasses as an alternative to sugar. This keeps her bars delectably chewy, moist and fudgy.

The cherry brandy was a perfect addition to the mango bits and cashew nuts. It adds just the right touch of sweetness and aroma without being overpowering. Most of all, not only is brandy a preservative, it also enhances the marriage of flavors in the bars. Mayla claims that her bars taste even better after a couple of days and I agree.

So, for those who are fond of the all-cake fruitcake or are simply foodies always on the lookout for sampling new delights, Mayla’s Mango Cashew Nut bar might just be a hit for you. For inquiries, text Mayla at 0922-8763634


RiSa said...

I attended the first pastry exchange and Mayla's mango cashew bars were a real treat. The fruit base was a refreshing detour from the sea of (yummy) chocolate. The crumb was very moist, buttery and flavorful. The fruit flavor cut the richness so it was not overpowering.

I'm not a fruity pastry person (except maybe for the ocassional fruit Danish), but I really liked this pastry. It could actually pass for a "mango decadent cake" if not for the dense texture. I loved this, Mayla!

Jen said...

I totally agree! This was my pesonal fave from that afternoon. I love a little 'tang' with my sweet, and Mayla's chewy mango cashew bars were the perfect fix.

Ben John said...

I've tasted it. I've left a few bites behind for the next day. Can't wait for Mayla to start bakin' another batch. :D

designdazzle said...

Loved your photos on flikr - shark cupcakes! Very cute. Please contact me at designdazzle(at)yahoo. com - would like to publish those photos on my site.

marilou said...

way to go Mayla! I'm already a fan of your cakes and cookies, but you surprised me yet again with this pastry bar. I hope you whip up another batch soon. :-)