Baked in the City is a happy network of homebakers like us, out to embrace more of our own. Our group is about celebrating home-baked treats and the absolute joy that goes into making them! Members look forward to sampling each other’s baked goods, learning new baking techniques together, sharing information on ingredients, trading sources or suppliers and even trying out new recipes from those who are willing to share.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Pastry Exchange

A major activity for Baked In The City is our quarterly Pastry Exchange. At these gatherings, members each bring a specific home-baked creation in accordance with the chosen theme for that exchange (e.g. bars and brownies). We ask fellow bakers to avoid bringing duplicates of another member’s chosen treat, as a way of featuring the widest selection of recipes possible. Enough goodies are brought for everyone at the exchange, both to try during the gathering and then to take home later on. All in all, Baked in the City’s Pastry Exchange promises to be a socially fulfilling and gastronomically satisfying affair, each and every time!

The invite to the first Pastry Exchange

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